Thermal Remediation

Thermal Remediation (Conductive & Electrical Resistance Heating)




Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) is an in-situ, thermal remediation technology that uses commonly available electricity and applies it into the ground through electrodes.  These electrodes can be installed underneath buildings, in operating facilities, and in the presence of buried utilities.  The technology is equally effective for soil and groundwater.


  ERH Thermal Remediation Advantages:

    • Effectiveness - Can reach very low remedial objectives, NDA, MCLs, 99.99% removal.
    • Effective on VOCs, BTEX, TPH, CVOCs, SVOCs.
    • Works in Saturated & Unsaturated Zones.
    • Rapid - Reach remedial goals in months not years.
    • Proven Technology - Market and regulatory approval.
    • Guaranteed - Fixed Price Remediation Contracting Options.
    • No contaminant rebound - no change orders.
    • Very Effective in Tight Lithology (Clays, Silts, Tills).
    • Rapid, Complete Remedial Solution.
    • Can be used when excavation is not an option.
    • Can be used under active facilities, buildings
    • Vastly increase property values, and reduce client liability.





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